Welcome to Do it yourself sites. The ultimate DIY-finder!

Have you ever wanted to know if there is a particular DIY store in the area you are in or going to, have an easy and understandable finder that easylie can help you pinpoint the store out there for you.
Or are you tierd to search for new shops online and just wanted to have everything stored and collected on the same place?
We know how it is and have made it our mission to collect all the DIY sites out there, from stores to webstores and inspirational sites like bloggs and youtube-channels so it will be easy for you as a userto find what you are looking for with just a few clicks.

We are aiming to find every noticable store, blogg, youtube channel and other inspirational site out there for you and store it for you in an easy to access system, all for free with no need for registration.
We will also offer a service for you to upload and show off other user's your handmade works and crafts, let you vote and also collect votes and see your work rise in popularity and fame, who knows maybe your post will be the one that ends up on our front page and also get's the fame it deserves.

In the future we want to to have diffrent events so that you as a user can compete in various task, it can be everything from who get's the most votes on a post to who have fastest have completed a special event. Whatever the event might be we will make sure to have free prices for the winners of every event.

At this time the site is just a pre beta version of what the final product will be, so bear with us during the development as it will be buggs, unfinished menus and tools and a lot of typo's. Mostly everything you will see right now is just diffirent test stages for us to see how things works. But feel free to test around and see how things work, if you like something let us know, doesn't like something? Let us know!

To start with we will focus on the Swedish market, it will so to say be our test market to get the basics to work, but everything on the site will be on English so it will be easy to navigate for so many users as possible. We are aiming to work towards Norway and Denmark as soon as we are comfortable with the Swedish market and how the structure works. So we hope to hear from your feedback so we can devlop the site as user friendly as possible, we hope that you as a visitor will find a good reason to use our site so if there is something you misses feel free to let us know.

We will shortly set up an facebook group so you can communicate with us directly and give us feedback on an easy and direct way.
But as we said earlier this is just a really early phase of the site and just for testing around. Nothing is final and anything might change at anytime.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that you will find our site usefull.